Executive Committee

  • Frank Jimenez

    Frank Jimenez
    B.S. ’87
    Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Raytheon Company

  • Brenda Yester Baty

    Brenda Yester Baty
    B.B.A. ’90
    Immediate Past President

  • Kourtney Ratliff Gibson

    Kourtney Gibson
    B.B.A. '03
    President, Loop Capital Markets

  • Guillermo de Aranzabal Agudo

    Guillermo de Aranzabal Agudo
    M.B.A. '84
    Vice President
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Grupo La Rioja Alta, S.A.

  • Brian L. Itzkowitz

    Brian L. Itzkowitz
    B.B.A. '90
    Vice President

  • Andrew F. Potter

    Andrew F. Potter
    M.B.A. ’04
    Vice President
    Vice President, Hawthorn

  • Winston Warrior

    Winston Warrior
    B.B.A. ’93, M.B.A. ’96
    Vice President
    Vintage Consulting

  • Donna A. Arbide

    Donna A. Arbide
    M.B.A. ’95
    Executive Director & Associate Vice President, 
    Alumni Relations and Individual Giving, University of Miami