President's Council

President's Council


The President's Council is a select advisory group of some of the University's most prominent alumni. Since it was founded in 1993, the President's Council has grown to include 185 members from across the globe - men and women who serve as corporate and community leaders. These members, selected by presidential invitation, also help lead the University by providing advice, counsel, and support. Nearly a dozen members also have become members of the Board of Trustees. Each member is asked to:

• Serve as an advisor in areas of critical importance to the University.

• Act as an ambassador and proponent for the University in its many relationships with important internal and external audiences, by attending two meetings a year (fall and spring).

• Help secure resources that will ensure the continuing success of the University in meeting its obligations to society.

Members fulfill these roles in a variety of ways, including providing philanthropic support, serving as hosts to the president, hosting alumni gatherings and receptions, and attending annual meetings.