UM Alumni Association Strategic Plan

Dear Alumni,

Building on the successes of our 2012-2017 University of Miami Alumni Association Strategic Plan, and the opportunities for the coming years, we have developed the next strategic plan for the University of Miami Alumni Association for years 2018-2025. There is tremendous energy and anticipation across the University community as President Julio Frenk guides the journey to our centennial through his vision the Roadmap to Our New Century. As the University’s valued alumni, you are an active part of shaping our future by helping us define the strategic direction of the UM Alumni Association, the priorities for your involvement, and the many ways to engage with the University and with each other.

The results of our 2017 alumni survey revealed that alumni seek engagement that is meaningful, customized, and relevant. Our goal over the next several years is to focus on strengthening the existing alumni global network; developing a pipeline of alumni leadership and financial support; designing a life-long engagement model; and developing the people, processes, technology, and data to champion strategic alumni engagement.

It is our mission to enhance your relationship with the University of Miami and through the Association’s strategic plan, we aim to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, offer programs that will strengthen your pride, and develop initiatives that will inspire your greater impact in the world.

I hope you will join us for this journey. Our success will rely on your support and continued feedback as we move towards our strategic objectives to reach success by 2025.

Go ’Canes!

Erica Arroyo, B.S.C. ’03, M.A.L.S. ’08
Associate Vice President of Engagement

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Our strategic plan is driven by four key objectives to focus our efforts:

Global Network: Strengthen our global reach and deepen our penetration in key markets through an engagement strategy that is relevant, accessible, and impactful.

Pipeline of Alumni Leadership and Financial Support: Strengthen the alumni leadership program with varied levels of involvement, ranging from casual to deeply engaged, with a strong focus on creating additional “mid-to-high level” leadership engagement opportunities, while working to increase alumni donors and overall giving to the University, in areas such as the need-based student scholarships. Assess models for volunteer leadership development and management and determine the UM Alumni Association approach.

Lifelong Engagement Model: Define specific alumni life stages (i.e. alumni in training, recent graduates, mid-career, empty-nesters, retirement, etc.) to create a lifecycle of engagement that connects alumni, fosters loyalty and commitment, and enhances the lifelong alumni experience as their needs change over time, with an initial strong focus on the following areas: student outreach, affinity relationships, alumni career services, and lifelong learning.

People, Processes, Technology, and Data: Champion an institutional cultural shift toward “one single view” (of the alumni "customer") to achieve our goal of strategic alumni engagement and increased satisfaction. Develop an Alumni Association data-and-system integration plan as better data leads to more relevant alumni engagement. Foster a culture of operating, analyzing, coordinating, and sharing, to improve alumni/student/parent/donor data for current and future engagement opportunities. Identify, hire, and develop the staff resources needed to realize our ambitions.

Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council functioned as a liaison to the entire volunteer leadership group and the selected representatives from other parts of the University. The Council played a direct role at every Strategic Plan meeting, and offered consult between meetings. We thank each of our volunteers for their efforts. 

  • Debbie Anglade, M.S.N. ’10, Ph.D. ’14, President, School of Nursing & Health Studies Alumni Association
  • Donna A. Arbide, M.B.A. ’95, Former Executive Director, UM Alumni Association
  • John Calles, A.B. ’89, J.D. ’92, Past President, UM Alumni Association
  • Daniel Carvajal, B.B.A. ’08, Director, UM Alumni Association
  • Greg Cesarano, J.D. ’76, Past President, UM Alumni Association
  • Devang B. Desai, A.B. ’97, J.D. ’03, President’s Council
  • Christian Diez, B.S. ’00, M.D. ’04, M.B.A. ’12, Delegate, Faculty Senate
  • Frank Jimenez, B.S. ’87, Past President, UM Alumni Association
  • Vikesh Patel, Past President, UM Student Government
  • Pete Piechoski, B.B.A. ’76, President’s Council
  • Ed Pozzuoli, B.B.A. '84, J.D. '87, Legacy Parent
  • Joshua Spector, J.D. ’02, Past President, School of Law Alumni Association
  • Brenda Yester Baty, B.B.A. ’90, Past President, UM Alumni Association

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