2010 - 2011 Recipient

Matthew Piscitelli

Matthew piscitelliWhy did you decide on the University of Miami?
The University of Miami has had a lasting impact on Miami and the rest of the world. I have wanted to join this tradition of impact and excellence ever since I donned my first Miami Hurricane football jersey. I practiced drawing the "U" countless times and have used orange and green to decorate everything. I valued the curriculum design of the University of Miami and the commitment to a personal, involved education.

Why is the UM Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship important to you?
The Legacy Scholarship made me feel honored and welcomed. I am happy and proud to be attending UM and the validation of school's alumni makes this experience even more exciting. Continuing the University of Miami tradition in my family was important to me, and this scholarship provides helpful financial support and appreciated encouragement.

Who is the legacy that qualified you for this scholarship?
My mother, Rosemary, graduated from the University of Miami.

What will you study?
I plan on majoring in biochemistry. I hope to attend medical school once I finish my undergraduate studies.