2011 - 2012 Recipient

Harleen Arora

harleen auroraWhy did you decide to attend the University of Miami?
My father and two of my uncles attended UM so UM has always been a part of our family. I've always wanted to attend UM and after I applied and got admitted into the Honors Program in Medicine (HPM), coming to UM just seemed like the natural choice. UM has a beautiful, diverse, and friendly environment that I value and is giving me an amazing opportunity to pursue an accelerated education in my field of interest at one of the US's best research universities.

What does the UM Alumni Association scholarship mean to you?
This scholarship is very meaningful to me. It recognizes my father's previous achievement as well as my hard work up to this stage. It aids me in receiving my much-valued education and motivates me to learn and achieve.

What will you study?
I was admitted into the Honors Program in Medicine, an accelerated track to earning an M.D. For the undergraduate portion of my education, I plan to major in Biology, with an anticipated graduation year of 2013. From there, I will hopefully enter the UM Miller School of Medicine to pursue my M.D.