2014 - 2015 Recipient

John Ghannam

John GhannamWhy did you decide to attend the University of Miami?
The University of Miami was always a dream for my older sister, Suzanne, growing up. As a family, we all went to football games in the Orange Bowl when we were younger, and I began to love UM just as much. I visited my sister several times in the course of her journey in the last couple of years at UM, and fell more in love with the school with every visit. I saw my family's legacy here, and I wanted to be a part of it. Another factor was the vast diversity of the student body at UM, and the City of Miami itself. I have always been interested in foreign languages, as I currently know seven fluently, and I love that UM has such cultural diversity.

What does the UM Alumni Association scholarship mean to you?
When I received the letter informing me of the scholarship, I was beyond shocked and ecstatic. I was already content with just being accepted to UM, but receiving this gracious award as well made me believe that all the hard work to get to this point was well worth it. The desire to further develop myself at UM with the endless opportunities available created a deeper passion within me. I want to make an impact, create memories for myself that will last a lifetime, and use this opportunity to further my education. This award from the Alumni Association is allowing me to do so. I love that the Alumni Association is a way for Alumni to stay connected to their alma mater, which makes creating a legacy possible. I hope to one day give back to the Alumni Association as they have given to me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself working hard in post-grad education to attain my MD/PHD in medicine. I would like to combine my love of foreign culture and language with my love of medicine. I believe UM has all the opportunities to allow me to connect these two distinct fields of study into one unique path. I hope to work as an Epidemiologist for an international organization such as the World Health Organization.