2015 - 2016 Recipient

Nicole Stephens

Nicole StephensWhy did you decide to attend the University of Miami?
My father attended the University of Miami and I grew up in South Florida, so I have always been a 'Canes fan. As a kid I attended football games with my father and just feel in love with the 'Canes. When I visited the campus I noticed the amazing landscaping and unique environment that UM provided. UM has the ideal balance of being in close proximity to a major city while having a small town feel in Coral Gables. I loved that about the location. Also, the diversity of the student body and the City of Miami drew me in. No other top ranked university offers the perfect combination of location, diversity, climate, education and resources that Miami does. In the end, it seemed like an easy choice to attend the University of Miami.

What does the UM Alumni Association scholarship mean to you?
I was thrilled to learn that I was selected out of all of the incoming freshman legacies for this honor. Continuing my family's legacy was a major factor in deciding to attend the U. This scholarship honors my achievements along with my father's. The Legacy Scholarship has made me even more excited to become a part of the 'Canes family. This scholarship has also lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on my learning. With this scholarship, my hopes of attending graduate school will be financially possible.

What will you study?
I am currently undecided but I hope to double major in Economics and International Studies. I hope to attend graduate school once I complete my undergraduate studies.