2016 - 2017 Recipients

Melissa Stewart

meissa stewartI am so honored to receive the UM Alumni Association Scholarship. The University of Miami is the college I have wanted to attend my whole life. My father and my brother both went to UM, so orange and green has been running in my blood since the day I was born. The fact that my most admired college awarded me with this scholarship just thrilled me.

I fell in love with the University of Miami at a young age, but especially after my first visit. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly and interesting, and the programs offer the upmost level of education. The University of Miami will allow me to pursue the things I love through educational programs, clubs, and sports. I love playing sports, so I am excited to do intramurals. I am also ecstatic to be attending The U’s energetic sporting events.

I currently want to major in business law and minor in business real estate. I one day also hope to attend law school at the University of Miami, like my father and brother did. This scholarship will help me and my family be able to get one step closer to succeeding in undergraduate school and pursuing law school by taking some of the financial burden off of our shoulders. I am privileged to be a legacy student at the University of Miami, and I know that this scholarship will benefit me tremendously during my college experience.

Tarek Ghaddar

Tarek GhaddarWhat does the scholarship mean to me?
It means many things. It means that someone in the Alumni Association has taken note of me, out of the thousands that applied this year. It means that I am in a better financial position, which helps me sleep better at night. It means that the U is giving me a push towards my dreams and aspirations, and I do not plan on disappointing. I feel sense of pride, a sense of worth and dignity, especially when it hits me that someone next year might look at my bio as a template. Suddenly, this scholarship has immortalized me, which to anyone means more than can be put in words.

Why did you decide to attend UM? 
I grew up in Florida. My fondest childhood memories are of playing with my neighbors and siblings in the warmth of the sun. So naturally, the first state that caught my attention while preparing for college admission was Florida. I’ve always aimed high, and the University of Miami is the crème a la crème of Florida’s universities. I’m also aspiring to be a doctor, and the Miller School of Medicine is one of the best in the country. Once I visited this beautiful campus, natural and vibrant and the perfect size, it was a no-brainer!

What do you plan on studying? 
I am on the Pre-Health track with a major in Biochemistry and a possible minor in Musical Composition.

Who is the legacy that qualified you for this scholarship? 
My father, Mohamad Ghaddar, who received an MBA from the University of Miami when I was in the fourth grade.