2017 - 2018 Recipients

Lilliana De Souza

lilliana de souzaWhat does the scholarship mean to me?
Being a legacy at the University of Miami has always been important to me, and a main reason for my love of the school. To have the Alumni Association award me with a Legacy scholarship is a wonderful and special honor! I was ecstatic to receive the letter notifying me of their selection. I am incredibly proud and so excited to join the UM Legacy family!

Why did you decide to attend UM?
I was born and raised in Florida. I knew I wanted to go to school in the state, and I love the city of Miami. I had heard so many great things from the way that people in South Florida so highly praise UM. The fact that I was a legacy and that the school was such an amazing place really made the decision easy for me.

What do you plan on studying?
I am undeclared in the College of Arts and Sciences, but I plan to major in a specific type of STEM and minor in a humanity (most likely creative writing).

Who is the legacy that qualified you for this scholarship?
My grandfather (Class of ’61) was a young farm boy from Maryland who came down to the Sunshine State to study business in order to further his career. Using what he learned from his time at UM, he moved back to Maryland where he started his own business and raised his two daughters.

Alec Musinsky

Alec musinskyWhy did you decide to attend the University of Miami?
While deciding which college I would attend, I was extremely picky. I desired a school with high achieving academics and well-known athletics, as well as many other minor details. My entire life I have lived only an hour North of Miami, which in a way made me blind to how perfect of a fit UM is. On a random weekend, my parents and I drove down and attended an information meeting and campus tour. After seeing the beautiful campus and learning about all the programs the school had to offer, I could see the University of Miami was the school for me.

What does the UM Alumni Association scholarship mean to you?
Upon receiving the letter in the mail awarding me the scholarship, I was surprised and even more so delighted. This scholarship is an honor as it recognizes my accomplishments throughout high school and it acknowledges the connection my family has to the University of Miami decades after my grandfather attended. Additionally, the Legacy Scholarship has motivated me to pursue any opportunities thrown my way during my time at the University of Miami.

What do you plan on studying?
I plan to double major in Biology and Psychology and minor in chemistry.

Who is the legacy that qualified you for this scholarship?
My grandfather Norman Nebel, who graduated with a Bachelors of Education and played for both the Miami basketball and baseball team.