The UM Alumni Association is pleased to announce the slate of Executive leaders elected to guide, serve and lead the UM Black Alumni Society for the upcoming term.  Please welcome the newly elected leadership team.  Stay connected and look out for opportunities to meet the new officers, to share feedback and help shape the direction of the UM Black Alumni Society.

Executive Leadership


President - Wendy-Ann Dixon DuBois, A.B. '06

United Way, Manager of Key Stakeholder Communications
Statement of Purpose ...

“Wendy-Ann Dixon DuBois is one of the most qualified individuals to lead a dynamic group of UM Black Alumni! During her time at UM, she served as United Black Students President and won Organization of the year. This experience translated into deep and lasting relationships with the UMBAS alumni base across generations. A donor, she practices what she preaches and always supports fundraising opportunities and events for UMBAS. With the changing times, it’s important that our next UMBAS President speaks to not only generations past but to younger alumni who want to feel engaged, promote relevant programming, and support our black students at the University of Miami.”


Michael CaballeroPresident Elect - Dr. Patricia Dunac Morgan, B.S. '06

Fayette County Board of Education, Coordinator of Science, Health and Physical Education
Statement of Purpose ...

“Forever representing "The U", Patricia, known to all of her friends as Trish, is the epitome of a motivated and focused individual. From owning several businesses to being a champion of education for students in the Metro Atlanta area, to securing adjunct professor positions to ensure current and future educators have the tools they need to teach science appropriately in schools, Trish is no stranger to hard work and setting and smashing goals. Trish has served as a BAS liaison in Atlanta for the past two years and has been an integral part in keeping the lines of communication going in that area. She has been on board with ensuring that BAS continues to thrive in our past couple of years of an established executive board.”



Vice President - Troy Bell, B.L.A. '05

Statement of Purpose ...

“To support the efforts of our youth in persisting in their education, succeeding in their career of choice, and contributing to those who follow.”


Secretary - Astin Hayes, B.S.C. '06

Re’my Cointreau, Key Account Manager
Statement of Purpose ...

“Cool, calm and collected. Although cliche', it's the perfect description of Miss Hayes. A ’Cane through and through, Astin was always a leader of her peers. She has continued that trait in her career path with Re'my Cointreau and her entrepreneurial endeavors creating and expanding her app, TipOff, a game similar to Taboo but with an inventory of African American culture inspired word bank. Astin served on her ten-year reunion committee for Alumni Weekend and has been a part of the Chicago ’Canes Community. She has served as one of the Chicago BAS Liaisons as well, organizing and hosting several events for UMBAS members that live in the area. She has proven herself time and time again with serving on behalf of the UM Alumni Association and would make a great secretary for the UM Black Alumni Society.”


DionneFundraising Chair/Treasurer - Dionne Richards, B.B.A. '05

Statement of Purpose ...

"Dionne Richards packs a heavy punch for such a small individual. After speaking with her more over the past few months and really getting to know her story, I believe this to be true even more now than back in undergrad.

Graduating with her Bachelor of Business Administration degree and entering into corporate America, she realized that her passion and purpose wasn't being fulfilled. During undergrad, Dionne danced with KAOS, a student-led group that let undergraduates showcase their talents in dancing to the entire University community. This being her outlet and true passion led her to pursue a professional career in dance while applying her degree to the management aspects of the business side that most artists are not familiar with. Dionne's innovative ideas and experiences have led her to this point in her life where she wants to give back to the UM community via UMBAS. Her skills and experiences well qualify her for the position of fundraising chair/treasurer."


ThorntonExecutive at Large - Stanley Thornton, B.S.I.E. '81

FPL, Administration
Statement of Purpose ...

“Stanley is a proven leader and is a true Miami Hurricane because of his dedication and love of the U and the students. He truly believes in mentoring students and is a lifelong donor.”