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School of Architecture

The Tecnoglass Lecture Series is a year-long program of lectures, interviews, and symposia focused on a theme that is of particular relevance to U-SoA. series explores practices and works that have a significant effect on the built environment, whether with large infrastructural interventions or small but potentially transformative contributions.

College of Arts & Science

The University of Miami’s Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative (UMindfulness) brings together cutting-edge brain research and mindfulness/contemplative practice training. Contemplative training is offered in nonsectarian, accessible, and innovative ways to optimize performance, enhance wellness, and promote resilience.

School of Business

The Miami Herbert Business School's Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series brings students, alumni and other members of the UM community together with top business leaders throughout the year.

College of Engineering 

The College of Engineering Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series recognizes the research and professional achievement of select faculty and brings them to campus for master lectures.


Offered by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, these lectures focus on today’s global challenges from climate change to ocean conservation during this series of evening programs designed for the non-scientific community.

Office of the President

Globally recognized faculty leaders and alumni, as well as accomplished students, explore the social, ecological, technological, creative, biological, and political ideas that are shaping our society and transforming our daily lives. These ’Cane Talks mark a new tradition of Miami scholars and other leaders sharing their research, work, service, and questions with the larger community as we look toward the University’s centennial just a decade away. ’Cane Talks explore the global challenges of the next century and our work to address them. We are one U and one world—let’s explore it and shape it together.

School of Law 

The Miami Law Explainer is a weekly podcast produced by the University of Miami School of Law. Its mission is to highlight the deans, directors, full-time faculty, and clinicians of the school offering opinion and commentary on timely legal news.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center 

Sylvester’s Distinguished Guest Lecture Series provides a forum for outstanding clinical and translational researcher guest lecturers to interact and ultimately collaborate with Sylvester faculty. The focus of the series is to bring basic science and clinical researchers together to discuss recent advances in the understanding and treatment of human cancer – a realization of the “bench to bedside” ideal. The audience is typically a mix of clinicians, clinical researchers, basic scientists, and physician-scientists.

Digital Presentations


An underwater explorer, Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann is passionate about past civilizations and things that are lost and long-forgotten below the sea’s surface. Hanselmann, lecturer and director of the underwater archaeology and exploration program in the Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, dives deep into Caribbean waters to study shipwrecks, caves, and submerged prehistoric sites to gain insight into humanity’s past and ultimately better understand who we are.


Scientists studying nearly identical coral reef systems off Australia discovered something unusual on the reefs subjected to nearly exclusive fishing of sharks—fish with significantly smaller eyes and tails. The study is the first field evidence of body shape changes in fish due to human-driven shark declines from overfishing. These findings shed new light on the cascading effects the loss of the ocean’s top predators is having on marine ecosystems.


Daniel Benetti, professor of marine ecosystems at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, has pioneered new ways to farm fish—from hatchery to plate—in a sustainable way. Fish, according to Benetti, is the most efficient protein source to feed the world’s growing populations.


A new study has documented unexpected consequences following the decline of great white sharks from a feeding site off South Africa. Researchers found that the disappearance of great whites led to the unique emergence of sevengill sharks, an otherwise kelp-associated apex predator from a different area.


Robert Ginsburg Symposium held on January 11, 2019, at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.


Researchers at the University of Miami are transforming weather forecasts by creating a seasonal forecasting model that brings together multiple prediction models to produce more reliable forecasts.


From blacktips to bulls, great hammerheads to great whites, and whitetips to tigers, Neil Hammerschlag has been studying sharks for nearly two decades, first becoming captivated by the predators more than 18 years ago, when, as a University of Toronto undergraduate, he interned with a group of California researchers tagging sharks in the Pacific.

Miller School of Medicine

174 Americans die of a drug overdose each day. We must bring opioid addiction treatment to where the users are: primary care clinics, emergency rooms, drug courts, syringe exchanges.