Welcome to the Neighborhood

welcome to the neighborhood Welcome to the neighborhood

Thanks to all who gathered to welcome new ’Canes to their neighborhood on Thursday, September 13, 2018!

This year's Welcome to the Neighborhood connected over 1,200 alumni with events hosted by 22 ’Canes Communities nationwide. We hope to see you again next year!

Questions about this event? Contact Frances Garcia-Balbin, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement, at FrancesGB@miami.edu.


’Canes Communities that Participated in 2018

Atlanta 'Canes

Austin 'Canes

Boston 'Canes 

Broward County 'Canes

Charlotte 'Canes

Chicago 'Canes

Dallas 'Canes 

Detroit 'Canes 

Houston 'Canes 

Indianapolis 'Canes 

Los Angeles 'Canes

Louisville 'Canes 

New Jersey 'Canes 

New York 'Canes 

Orlando 'Canes

Palm Beach County 'Canes

Philadelphia 'Canes

San Francisco 'Canes 

Sarasota 'Canes 

SW Florida 'Canes 

Tampa 'Canes 

Washington, D.C. 'Canes