Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the University of Miami doing in response to Coronavirus COVID-19?

    The University of Miami leadership team, COVID-19 task force, and emergency management team continue to take proactive measures—following the guidance of public health and government agencies—to safeguard the health and safety of our community.

    The University’s dedicated COVID-19 site, which can be found at, is updated constantly and will continue to serve as the best and most up-to-date source for information regarding the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • How can I support the University of Miami’s response to Coronavirus COVID-19?

    You can help by supporting one of the following areas:

    • Support our students: Help provide emergency funds for students facing difficult personal circumstances so they can continue to advance their education
    • Accelerate cutting edge research: Support clinical and basic science research—the value of the work we drive is more important than ever.
    • Enhance Patient Care and Community Service: Support our front line health workers, and help care for those who have been impacted by COVID-19

  • What virtual events and digital resources is the U offering?

    ULearn offers free master lectures, podcasts, online courses, and UM faculty lectures from across campus. To learn about our virtual and in person events here.

  • How is UM helping ’Canes Biz partners or small businesses during Coronavirus COVID-19?

    The University of Miami has compiled a listing of national and local resources that are available to small businesses during Coronavirus, COVID-19. UM is also promoting information on our ’Canes Biz partners who are still open for business and doing their part in the community.

  • What benefits do alumni receive?

    UM alumni receive a free lifetime membership in the University of Miami Alumni Association, with access to special members-only deals, discounts, and offers. Before you access these great benefits, download the UMiami App for Alumni  to access your digital alumni card. Visit our website for more information on benefits.

  • What is a C number?

    Your C number (C#) is a unique identification number assigned to everyone, including alumni, affiliated with the University of Miami. The I.D. begins with a C and is followed by eight digits. If your C# is less then eight digits, add zeroes after the C to make it a total of nine characters; for example,  C123456  should be  C00123456. The C# is the primary record keeping key for the UM Alumni Association and is used for all communication. C numbers are part of database directory information and can only be used to confirm your identity at the University of Miami. 

  • How can I obtain my C number?

    To obtain your C number, call the Office of Engagement at (305) 284-2872 or email  with your name, date of birth and graduation year.

  • What is a ’Cane Card?

    The ’Cane Card is the official on-campus identification and access card for anyone on campus.

  • Who is eligible for a ’Cane Card?

    All University of Miami alumni who live locally are eligible for a ’Cane Card. If you are do not live locally, you can still use the digital alumni card on the UMiami App for Alumni for the same purposes. 

    If you have not yet obtained your ’Cane Card from the Office of Parking & Transportation, please call (305) 284-2872 or email for information on eligibility and to check that you are in UM Parking & Transportation’s database.

  • Where can I use my alumni or ’Cane Card?

    You can use the digital alumni card at the UM Parking and Transportation office to obtain a ’Cane Card or parking permit, if eligible. The digital card and ’Cane Card can also be used for discounts around campus, at participating ’Cane Biz stores and for check-in purposes at ’Canes Community, Affinity Group and UM Alumni Association events. It can also be used for checking into the Richter Library or starting a membership at the Herbert Wellness Center.

  • How do I log in to the UMiami App for Alumni?

    Click "Log in". Then use your first name, last name and C#. If you are having trouble logging in, and you know your C#, try entering your name exactly as it was when you graduated. Still having trouble?  Email  or call (305) 284-2872.  Be sure to include your first and last name, the year you graduated/attended and, your school or college.

  • Why should alumni download and use the app?

    The UMiami App for Alumni provides easy access to information about UM services and communications, a calendar of events, links to local ’Canes Communities and many more engagement opportunities. Be sure to allow notifications and location services when you download the app, and you’ll receive updates on nearby alumni events and UM happenings.

  • Who can I contact for assistance with the app?  with your name, C Number and graduation year. Please allow up to 48 hours for a confirmation of account updates. 

  • How do I create or reactivate my UM Email Address or address?

    Fill out the Email for Life form. Once the process has been completed, you will receive an email from UMIT at the alternate email address that you list on the form.

  • How do I order official UM transcripts?

    Transcripts can be ordered through the Office of the Registrar’s website.

  • How do I feature my business on ’Cane Biz?

    Tell us more about your alumni-owned or operated business by filling out this form. If you need to make a correction to your listing, please contact

  • Can you help me find a job? Can you help me take the next step in my career?

    Alumni have access to unlimited career events, programs, and online resources through the Custom Career Content.

  • How can I access the UM alumni Network?

  • How do I make a career appointment?

    Alumni can make a 20-minute phone appointment through the Career Corner.

  • How do I become a mentor?

    • Join Cane2Cane a virtual mentorship platform.
    • Host a student in the UShadow program to mentor and demonstrate what a typical workday is like in a career field of your interest.

  • How do I find a mentor?

    Join Cane2Cane a virtual mentorship platform.

  • Where can I post a job/internship and recruit UM alumni and students?

    Submit your jobs to Career Corner and Handshake to attract top UM talent to your organization.

  • Where can I find a job?

    Search for jobs on the Career Corner Job Board.

  • How can I get help editing my resume?

    Find all resume resources here on the Career Corner.

  • Is there an alumni directory?

    We suggest using LinkedIn Alumni Directory to find UM alumni in areas of interest to you.

  • What is philanthropic giving?

    The Office of Philanthropic Giving turns individual gifts – of all sizes – into collective energy. It is alumni, along with families, friends, faculty, staff, and grateful patients, all working together to make an immediate impact. Gifts of up to $49,999 (with some exclusions) go directly into the University's operating budget each year.

  • What is digital engagement?

    The Office of Digital Engagement is responsible for building and growing digital communities throughout the globe. They are also responsible for engaging with University of Miami and University of Miami Health System community members across all digital platforms such as our alumni app, social media, online education courses, and other channels to encourage further volunteerism, giving, and other avenues of connection.

  • Can my gift be directed to a specific area?

    You may request that your gift be directed to any school, college, department, or program at the University that means the most to you. Philanthropic giving is a method, it is not a designation or “fund.”

  • If I can afford only a small gift, is it worth it?

    Absolutely! Regardless of the size of your gift, your participation as a donor directly impacts our institution. Over this past year, gifts up to $25 provided over $160,000 in total, supporting an array of activities across the institution. Gifts of any amount are also a vote of confidence that shows you support your alma mater, which increases the value of your degree.

  • Why does the Office of Philanthropic Giving need my sustained support?

    Unlike gifts to the endowment, 100 percent of gifts to the Office of Philanthropic Giving are spent in the same year they are given. In total, these gifts pack impressive philanthropic power for the University because they are put to work immediately. An annual gift of $100, for example, has the same spending power as the earnings from a $2,000 endowment.

  • When should I make my gift?

    The University of Miami operates on a fiscal year calendar, which begins on June 1 and ends on May 31. Many donors choose to make their gifts at the same time every year or to the same campaign, such as a Giving Day. Whenever the gift is made in the fiscal year, it will be used in that fiscal year.

  • What are matching gifts?

    Many employers will match gifts to nonprofit organizations made by their employees, retirees, and directors; some even offer a higher than 1 to 1 match. You can check online to see if your company is a matching gift company, or you may contact your company's human resources department. By spending a few short minutes filling out a simple form, you can often be recognized for the full gift amount. Example: If you give $500 to the University, and your employer matches that gift with another $500, you are recognized for the full $1,000 donation and therefore inducted into the McLamore Society.

  • Does UM have giving societies?

    Yes, visit the McLamore Society web page for more details.

  • Are gifts tax-deductible?

    Gifts to the University of Miami, a 501c (3) charitable organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax advisor for further details.

  • Can I let the institution know my preference for being solicited or making annual contributions?

    Yes! You may let us know your preference for receiving phone solicitations, mail solicitations, online solicitations, or any combination thereof. For example, some alumni prefer email solicitations to go “green” and help the environment. Simply call 305-284-9200 and advise Philanthropic Giving + Digital Engagement staff of your preferences.