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A University of Miami education continues long after graduation. Our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offer a broad, carefully curated portfolio of online, on-demand certificate programs to all our alumni—completely for free. Whether you’re looking to improve your management skills or learn more about climate change, there are countless courses to check out.


Learn how to identify communicator intent across the wider world of news and media content.
Plant-based nutrition is rapidly becoming a staple diet for many around the world. This course offers a qualitative approach to understanding different diets and the best strategies to transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet.

Carbon is the chemical backbone of life on earth and plays a crucial role in regulating the earth’s temperature. Learn about sustainable practices, and how to make informed choices concerning environmental issues.

Cybersecurity issues affect every organization and every person, directly or indirectly. Learn to be aware of the challenges posed by cybercrime and the different options available to mitigate their effect.
Coaching has emerged as a thriving profession providing highly useful tools for businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and those going through career or other transformational changes. Learn key coaching skills to become a better leader.
Management styles can greatly impact the work environment. Learn how to strengthen your management style, or even learn a new one altogether!

The field of project management continues to be a growing industry. Sharpen your skills to improve your personal and professional relationships, and become a better project manager!