Joshua Johnson

Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson
Now Tonight with Joshua Johnson, NBC 

Joshua Johnson anchors "NOW Tonight," a prime-time news show on NBC News NOW. Before launching this program, he helped launch "The Week," a weekend news analysis show on MSNBC. Johnson joined MSNBC in February 2020, just before COVID began shutting down New York. One of his first duties was helping curate audience questions about the pandemic. He refined that skillset during a long career in public radio, culminating with NPR’s weekday talk show "1A." Johnson helped create "1A," hosting the program from its launch in January 2017 until December 2019. Before that, he served as morning newscaster at KQED News in San Francisco (2010-2016), and as an anchor/reporter at WLRN Miami Herald News (2004-2010). Johnson holds degrees in broadcasting and theatre arts from the University of Miami. He is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida, and lives in New York City.