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  • Atlanta

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  • California

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    • CityFitLA


      Rebecca Bennett, B.S.C. '08

      We provide engaging & accessible fitness solutions that leverage your city in unique ways to promote healthy lifestyles for everyone in the family. We are also the only outdoor fitness service that provides Kids & Dogs Club in LA. We provide personal training, small group/semi-private fitness classes and adventure boot camps for our members in nearby public parks, beaches so you can get a little fresh air. Since we are family friendly, we provide engaging activities for your children and dogs while you work out (at select locations). Our youth trainers provide fun skill-building group challenges that keep them active and encourage fitness from a young age. Our goal is for everyone to go home healthier and happier than they came, while at the same time synching up family energy levels.

      Alumni Discount: 10% discount

      Web: http://www.cityfitla.com/
      Email: CityFitLA@gmail.com
      Address: 2007 S. Sherbourne Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 90034

    • Embodhied


      Jennifer Schaefer, B.S. '97

      Embodhied cultivates a nourishing community to help women achieve their highest, most personal goals. By nurturing the best in all of us, collectively and through coaching best practices, we achieve greater health and wholeness. Connect with Jenn and like-minded women to heal challenges related to unwanted weight, eating habits and digestive dis-ease so you can begin trusting yourself, cherishing your body and living the inspired life you were meant to love.

      Alumni Discount: 15% off with code "GOCANES"

      Web: http://www.embodhied.com
      Email: jenn@embodhied.com
      Phone: (424) 645-7360
      Address: 1120 23 St., Ste. D, Santa Monica, CA 90403

  • Florida

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    • Archer Pilates Studio, Inc.

      Archer Pilates Studio, Inc.

      Kerry Siman-Tov, M.S.P.T. '89

      Archer Pilates Studio in Hollywood, Florida is a Balanced Body Authorized Training Center for Pilates Education. Established in 2008, Archer Pilates Studio is owned and operated by University of Miami Physical Therapy Class of 1989 graduate Kerry (Slepp) Siman-Tov, MS, PT, MTC, PMA-CPT. Kerry is also a Master Instructor for Balanced Body. We strive to provide precision pilates programs for all clients. Our focus is on private and duet sessions, with small group classes by appointment. Many clients seek pilates instruction to manage and rehabilitate injuries.

      Alumni Discount: 10% off first package

      Web: http://www.archerpilatesstudio.com
      Email: archerpilatesstudio@gmail.com
      Phone: 754-217-4188
      Address: 2450 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 301B, Hollywood, FL 33020


    Palm Beach

    • New Leaf Nutrition

      New Leaf Nutrition

      Laura Grazioli, B.S. '10

      At New Leaf Nutrition, we provide evidence based nutrition education and counseling that fits your lifestyle and will help you meet your nutritional goals. We never endorse restriction and fad diets. Instead we believe that a lifestyle of food and product awareness, balanced eating and physical activity will have a beneficial impact on your overall health. As we say at New Leaf Nutrition, Real Nutrition, Real Results.

      Alumni Discount: 10% Discount

      Web: http://www.thenewleaflife.com
      Email: laura@thenewleaflife.com
      Address: 5355 Town Center Rd, Ste.100 Boca Raton , FL 33486

    Pembroke Pines


  • Georgia

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    • JFHealthyLiving


      John J. Fenton, B.B.A. '80, M.B.A. '82

      JFHealthyLiving provides health and life coaching, corporate and organizational wellness, programs in mindfulness, leadership and life empowerment in the Greater Atlanta Area. Our mission is to benefit humanity through delivery of integrative guidance for healthy, mindful and sustainable living to individuals, groups and communities. Hi, I'm John Fenton, founder & CEO. I have over 9 years of experience and have guided hundreds of individuals in improving their total health, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. I am a speaker, leader, and blogger, and regularly give presentations and workshops in mindfulness, health and wellness. I invite you to visit my website to learn more. 

      Alumni Discount: 10% discount

      Web: https://www.johnjfenton.com/
      Email: jfenton@jfhealthyliving.com
      Phone: (404) 217-5889
      Address: 4480-H South Cobb Dr., #308, Smyrna, GA 30080

    • The Nightingale Firm, LLC

      The Nightingale Firm, LLC

      Kim Hires, Ph.D. '12

      Dr. Kim Hires is known internationally for her work on burnout, leadership, and education. She is a Leadership Burnout Coach, Speaker, Author, and host of the Leadership Antidote Podcast.

      Alumni Discount: 10% discount

      Web: https://drkimhires.com/
      Email: drkim@thenightingalefirm.com
      Phone: (404) 954-2604
      Address: 720 Avondale Hills Drive Decatur, GA 30032 United States

  • Washington

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Online Businesses

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  • Online Businesses

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    • Coach Shirazi LLC

      Coach Shirazi LLC

      Hamad Shirazi, M.S.E.D. '17

      Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching: Individualized wellness programs balancing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle components to optimize health and performance. 1on1 or Group Coaching for Corrective Exercise, Strength & Conditioning & Yoga.

      Alumni Discount: 20% discount

      Web: http://www.coachshirazi.com
      Email: coachshirazi@gmail.com

    • Healthy Changes App

      Healthy Changes App

      Lorena Martin, Ph.D., and Andrew Sardis, B.S.E.D. '14 

      The Healthy Changes App is designed to change unhealthy behaviors. It is based on science and has been proven to work in multiple evidence-based studies. It works through the pairing of stimuli called evaluative conditioning. The app comes with built in options to choose the behavior you want to change as well as the images you prefer to specifically target your unwanted behaviors. This product was invented and developed by Dr. Martin, a research scientist in the field of preventive and behavioral medicine.    

      Alumni Discount: Please inquire.

      Email: Healthychangesapp@gmail.com

    • Nelms Performance, LLC

      Nelms Performance, LLC

      Cory Nelms, B.S.E.D. '10, M.S.E.D. '11

      Nelms Performance offers Elite Athletic Development Training and Consulting for Professional and Amateur Athletes. Fully personalized to optimize speed, agility, strength, and power development. We also offer nutrition counseling and recovery options. Train like a Hurricane with a Hurricane!

      Alumni Discount: 25% discount.

      Email: nelmsperformance@gmail.com
      Phone: (732) 921-7951

    • The Dailey Method - Loudoun Barre & Cycle Studio

      The Dailey Method - Loudoun Barre & Cycle Studio

      Alessia McIntosh, A.B. '05

      We’re ready to help you transform your life. The Dailey Method is the fastest way to a strong, lean, sculpted body. Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, ballet barre training and Cycling, our classes are an ever-evolving mix of movement that offer extreme benefits for body and mind. Our classes are driven by fitness research and our students’ needs. We offer individualized attention in a group setting to give you the strength, discipline, and joy to find ultimate alignment.

      Alumni Discount: 15% discount.

      Web: https://thedaileymethod.com/
      Email: alessia@thedaileymethod.com

    • What's On Your Mind Inc.

      What's On Your Mind Inc.

      Theresa Alphonse, M.S.P.H. '14

      WOYM is a non-profit 501(c)3 created to normalize conversations around mental health in communities of color. We do this through outreach, workshops, podcasting and in person events. Although we know mental illness is pervasive in all communities we realize that if we focus on the most marginalized groups all groups will benefit.

      Alumni Discount: Please inquire.

      Web: http://www.woyminc.org
      Email: woyminc@gmail.com