Jerry D. Goldstein

B.B.A. ’89

General Counsel, Wistaria Trading, Ltd.

Rebecca Hoffman

B.A. '92, M.S.Ed. '94

Principal at Good Egg Concepts

Preston J. Clark

John F. Maggio

B.S.C. '89

Co-Founder and CEO at Cocktail Squad, LLC

Alex J. Mechaber

B.S. '90, M.D. '94

Vice President, USMLE, NBME; Professor Emeritus, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

Jodie L. Roth

B.S.C. '94

Founder, Butterscotch Blankees

Elise G. Morales

Elise G. Morales

B.S.N. ’77, M.S.N. ’81

Self-Employed Medical Auditor for Commercial Insurance

Lila J. Snyder

Lila J. Snyder

B.S.M.E. ’94

CEO of Bose Corporation


Javier E. Morgado

B.S.C. ’99

Executive Producer, At This Hour at CNN

Michael Guilford

Michael Guilford

J.D. '85

Founding Partner, Michael F. Guilford, P.A.

Brianna Hathaway

B.A. '16

Attorney at Lomax Legal

Deborah L. Moskowitz

B.S.C. '94

Mediator and Arbitrator at ADRsource

Thomas F. Juhase

Thomas F. Juhase

M.B.A. '89

Chief Operating Officer, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Jodan H. Ledford

Jodan H. Ledford

M.S. '05

Head of Client Solutions & Multi-Assets, Legal & General Investment Management America

Wilbert Bryan Lewis

Wilbert Bryan Lewis

M.B.A. '04

Chief Investment Officer, Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System

Marilu Marshall

Marilu Marshall, Esq.

B.B.A. ’66, J.D. ’69

Senior Vice President Global Human Resources Estee Lauder Companies

Roberto J. Bosch

B.S.M.S. '07

Portfolio Specialist at Impax Asset Management

MacKenzie Green

MacKenzie Green

B.S.C., ’10

Vice President, Social Media, Clique Brands

Rachel N. Silverstein

Ph.D. '12

Executive Director and Waterkeeper, Miami Waterkeeper


Maria I. Nardi

B.A.R.C.H., ’91

Director of Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department

Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin

J.D. '84

Chief Executive Officer, Skypatrol

John A. Ruzich

John A. Ruzich

B.S.C. '96

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Legends

Angela M. Recio-Sondon.jpg

Angela M. Recio-Sondon

B.S.C. ’91

Vice President, Content Strategy TelevisaUnivision, Inc.

Faculty Representatives

Christian Diez

Christian Diez

B.S. ’00, M.D. ’04, M.B.A. ’12

Delegate, Faculty Senate Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Miller School of Medicine

Christian Diez

Claire B. Paris-Limouzy

M.S. '87

Professor, Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science

Young Alumni Leaders Council

Melissa Jordan

B.A. ’14, J.D. ’16

President, Young Alumni Leaders Council


Roy Carrillo Zamora

President, Student Government
University of Miami

Andy Co

President, Student Bar Association
University of Miami

Judith Greengold

President, Graduate Student Association
University of Miami 

Aneesha Raj

President, Medical School Student Government
University of Miami