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From Holocaust education to music, and from politics to travel, these 'Cane moms and their legacies are making an impact in their communities.


Helen & Judith Fagin

Dr. Helen Fagin, A.B. '67, M.A. '68, survived the Holocaust and arrived in the United States speaking little English. She became a beloved professor and director of the Judaic Studies program at UM, as well as a prominent figure in Holocaust education. A favorite with students, Helen regularly held open houses for them in her home. Present at many of these gatherings was her daughter, Judith Fagin, B.Arch. '77. Judith, who holds master's degrees from both Columbia and Harvard and now works as a project manager, recently set up an endowment fund at the Holocaust Memorial Museum to honor her mother's legacy.


BarnettRenee & Scott Barnett

'Cane mom Renee Barnett attended the University of Miami in the 1960s before leading a career in the travel business. She is a dedicated mother of two and grandmother of five. Renee and her husband Stephen Barnett, B.B.A. '64, M.B.A. '65are avid supporters of UM football. Their son, Scott Barnett, B.S.C. '92, studied film and history at the U and recently won an Emmy as executive producer for a kid's television program focused on books, music, and culture. Scott says he developed his sense of adventure from his mother, who always took them on great trips (including one to Glacier Bay in Alaska, pictured here).



Alina and Kristina Hudak

Alina Hudak, B.B.A. '82, M.P.A. '84, is now deputy mayor of Miami-Dade County, a leader who has served the county for 35 years. She has also continued to serve at UM—as a member of the Alumni Association, a mentor to business school students, a yearly guest lecturer in various classes and, along with her husband, a donor to UM's Athletics programs. When Alina served as alumni speaker at commencement on Friday, May 10th, in the crowd of graduates was her eldest daughter, Kristina Hudak, B.S.Ed. '19. Kristina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in sport administration with a minor in sports medicine. Read the full story here.



Misty & Joshua Bermudez

Music (and 'Cane pride) runs deep in the Bermudez family. Born and raised in Miami, 'Cane mom Misty Bermudez, M.M. '05, studied vocal performance at the Frost School of Music. She's since led a successful career as a singer, conductor, and music educator in South Florida. Misty, who knew she wanted to sing at the age of nine, is now the artistic director for Civic Chorale of Greater Miami. A month ago, Misty returned to the Clarke Recital Hall, where she performed years ago, to see her son, Joshua Bermudez, B.M. '19, play the guitar. Joshua has already had tremendous success as a musician, and will be staying at the U next year as a Mancini Fellow.