’Canes Community Scholarships

’Canes Community Scholarships ’Canes Community Scholarships
'Canes from Broward County celebrated the highest participation rate, engaging the most donors for the scholarship challenge.
’Canes Communities support local students with newly developed scholarships

University of Miami Alumni in local ’Canes Communities joined together to develop, build, and award scholarships driven by alumni in the 2019 ’Canes Community Scholarship Challenge. The first eight ’Canes Community Scholarships were awarded to current University of Miami students, with each community’s scholarship geared toward an incoming freshman from that respective community.

"As a first-generation university student, the academic and financial relief provided by such a scholarship is truly unmatched," shares Carolina Carvajalino. "To be recognized for such a scholarship is nothing but inspiring to both my parents and me." Growing up in Florida, Carvajalino knew from a young age that she wanted to study at the University of Miami.  The support that she has received from fellow Broward County ’Canes has exceeded her expectations, including the connections that she’s already discovered.

Broward 'Canes Community President Ken Graff shares the pride in leading a local community of UM alumni. "Being part of the UM family starts as soon as you are accepted and then never ends," said Graff. "Our ability to show that we are here for students from the beginning, will help them now, but also in the future when they are looking for jobs, mentoring, counseling, or anything else that the local 'Canes Communities can offer."

"Being recognized and supported by fellow ’Canes accurately portrays the family-orientated environment of the University of Miami," said Carvajalino. "Receiving support from alumni not only serves as encouragement but reestablishes the importance of being an avid participator in one’s local community."

The funds for the scholarships were raised during the ’Canes Community Scholarship Challenge, a giving challenge held by the UM Alumni Association throughout the month of February. The month-long Canefunder competition was between 15 communities throughout the country. The main goal of the challenge was to raise funds and to encourage communities to join the newly formed scholarship program initiative. Each participating community had a scholarship fund developed in their name in Spring 2019, with the Challenge remaining open.

Palm Beach ’Canes Community leader Melanie Martinez McDonald, B.B.A. '07, is passionate about volunteering and making an impact with students and alumni. “As a Miami Hurricane, we have an obligation to support the University that molded us into the people we are today,” McDonald said. "As alumni, we should devote time to ensure our alma mater can create a legacy that lives on indefinitely."

The initiative was also included in the University’s inaugural Giving Day. The ’Canes Communities had giving pages with funds and were able to include them in the inaugural Giving Day program and challenges, supporting their community.

"Knowing that we have the ability to play a small part in helping a deserving UM student in our local community, realize their dream, is heartwarming," shares McDonald.

Find more information and support a 'Canes Community Scholarship in your local community here: 'Canes Community Scholarship Canefunder