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The University of Miami is at the forefront of the search for deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorder, with which one in 54 children is diagnosed. Working with partners across the University, researchers and clinicians of the Department of Psychology and Center for Autism and Related Disabilities are shedding new light on every aspect of ASD, from its biological and genetic pathways to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. At the heart of their work are the individuals and families whose needs and challenges provide the impetus to find answers as they strive to optimize the human potential of people with ASD.

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Featured Stories

On the frontlines of autism advocacy and action

The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD) is one of seven university-based, state-funded outreach and support centers in Florida dedicated to optimizing the human potential of people with autism spectrum disorder—and its client base is growing rapidly.
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Shedding new light on autism spectrum disorder

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, one in 54 children is now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For researchers and clinicians at the University of MIami, the more that's discovered about the causes and effects of ASD, the more of a moving target it becomes.
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Destigmatizing autism abroad

Alumna Fajer Almenaie is using her training at the University of Miami’s Applied Behavior Analysis master’s program to support families and to fight stigmas surrounding autism spectrum disorder in Kuwait.
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Extraordinarily different

Alumna Haley Moss, J.D. ’18, known as the first openly autistic attorney in Florida, uses her platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote awareness of neurodiversity.
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Living with autism spectrum disorder: the Whitehurst family story

Life changed for the Whitehurst family when Thomas was diagnosed with autism at 22 months. Now 29, Thomas has learned to live with autism.
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Alumna, parent inspired to help students with autism spectrum disorder

When Monica Hoo, M.A.L.S. ’16, Ed.D. ’21, embarked on a doctoral program at the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development, she drew inspiration from her own experience as the parent of two sons with autism spectrum disorder.
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