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30 Under 30 30 Under 30

Each fall, the University of Miami Alumni Association announces an open call for its 30 Under 30 list. To be considered for the 2024 list, candidates must have received either an undergraduate or a graduate degree from the University of Miami and be under the age of 30 as of May 31, 2024. The Young Alumni Leadership Council review committee selects 30 finalists, based on the impact made on their profession, community, and the University of Miami.

The 30 outstanding ’Canes under 30 chosen were asked to reflect on their brightest memories of the University and their own achievements. Their experiences highlight camaraderie, philanthropy, academic achievement, and an enduring love for the U from a young age.

Scroll down for their answers—and you can read much more about each honoree in the 30 Under 30 booklet, linked below. 


Adam White, B.S.Ed. ’17

CEO & Founder, Front Office Sports

My brightest moment at the U was working at the Rat and working my way up from a dishwasher to a manager. I had a wonderful time working with all of my peers and was some of the best four years of my professional life. The lessons I learned at the Rat are ones I have carried with me since I graduated.

Ajiri Uzere, B.A. ’22

Analyst, The Cadmus Group

My brightest moment at the U was winning the “Best New Initiative” award for the LAUNCH leadership summit, an initiative I created as vice president of student government. Winning that award was a special full-circle moment because it symbolized the culmination of all that I poured into student leadership at the U. 

Alejandro Narciso, B.S.C. ’15

Director & CEO, SDLN

My brightest moment at the U was running through the smoke with the football team. Growing up, it was always a childlike dream to act as a player and walk out into a packed stadium. When I got to do that for a 12 p.m. kickoff against Virginia, the stadium wasn't exactly packed, but the thrill of running through the smoke was beyond anything I could have ever imagined as a kid.


Alix Earle, B.B.A. ’23

Content Creator & Podcast Host of “Hot Mess”

My brightest moment at the U was freshman year, when we had the ’Canes Welcome Ceremony. We went to the basketball auditorium—the Watsco Center—and I immediately felt the University of Miami school spirit. From the lights and dancing to Sebastian the Ibis running around, I knew I made the right decision and was going to have a great next four years.

Anne Noel, M.A. ’21

Manager of Quality, Bon secours Mercy Health

My brightest moment at the U was when I made history as the inaugural graduate of the global health master's program. Enrolling in this program amid the turbulence of the pandemic was both daunting and exhilarating. Completing the program was not merely about obtaining a degree; it was about pioneering a path for future scholars and contributing to the field of global health in a meaningful way. 

Ariana Aboulafia, J.D. ’20

Policy Counsel, Disability Rights in Technology Policy, Center for Democracy & Technology

My brightest moment at the U was working with the HOPE Public Interest Resource Center on many occasions. I led an alternative fall break, and was selected as both a Summer Public Interest Fellow and HOPE Summer Fellow (which funded my 1L and 2L summer internships). These experiences, and the ability to be in community with other public interest-minded students, helped to lay the groundwork for my current career. 


Braxton Berrios, B.B.A. ’17

Professional Athlete, Miami Dolphins

My brightest moment at the U is hard to capture in one singular moment. Between the memories I shared with some of my lifelong friends, the incredible football season of 2017 (beating FSU, Notre Dame, hosting College GameDay), and being inducted into Iron Arrow—I can't nail it down to just one.

Breana Ross, B.S.C. ’19

Reporter, WBAL-TV

My brightest moment at the U was when I was tapped into the Iron Arrow Society right before Homecoming during my senior year. I still remember hearing the sound of the drums in the distance as I worked inside the Office of Academic Enhancement.  I didn’t think much of it until I saw a line of people coming to grab me and tap me into Iron Arrow, the highest honor attainable at the U.

Cameron Dobbs, B.S.C. ’20, M.A. ’21

TV Host & Producer, WSFL Channel 39 (Scripps)

My brighest moment at the U was being tapped into the Iron Arrow Honor Society. This took place following my third brain injury within twelve months. I had been forced to medically retire from playing volleyball with the Hurricanes, received incompletes in all my classes to take a leave of absence to heal, and felt quite insecure in my identity. When Iron Arrow tapped me, it reassured that I mattered for more than just the accolades, athletics, and accomplishments. 


Charis Pitter, B.A. ’22

Law Student, Harvard Law School

My brightest moment at the U was being honored as a University of Miami Trailblazer during my senior year. The U Trailblazers were the very first Black graduates of the University of Miami, and they played a key role in desegregating the University. Every year, a handful of students are chosen as Trailblazers for their dedication to paving the path forward for others. This award meant so much to me because my life motto has always been to lift as I climb.

Daria Pietropaolo, B.A. ’21, J.D. ’23, LL.M.I.A. ’23

Attorney, Shook, Hardy, & Bacon L.L.P.

My brightest moment at the U was participating in Miami Law’s International Moot Court Program. As a member of the 29th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, I collaborated with other law students, guided by Paula Arias, and competed with students from across the globe. This enriching experience exposed me to diverse legal systems, various approaches to the law, and different styles of advocacy. 

Delaney Reynolds, B.S.M.A.S. ’21

J.D. / Ph.D. Candidate, University of Miami Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy | CEO & Founder, The Sink or Swim Project, NGO

My brightest moment at the U was when President Frenk recognized my environmental work by honoring me with the prestigious Roberta ‘Bosey’ Fulbright Foote Prize, the University’s highest environmental award. Being accepted into the highly competitive Leonard and Jayne Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy dual graduate degree program, a collaboration between the School of Law and the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science, was another highlight of my time here at the U.


Elayna Paulk, B.S.C. ’16

Lecturer, University of Miami School of Communication | Owner, EL Management Group, LLC

My brightest moment at the U was breaking convention as the first Black woman to host UMTV's late-night comedy show, “Off the Wire.”

Gray Crow, B.A. ’15, J.D. ’20

Attorney, Nason Yeager Gerson Harris & Fumero, P.A.

My brightest moment at the U was my commencement ceremony after law school. I remember sitting in a chair in the Watsco Center reflecting on eight years of countless hours spent on the field and in the classroom. I sat in the same spot a few years prior for my undergrad ceremony and felt uneasy because my athletic career was coming to a close. Fast-forward to my J.D. ceremony, the future was a little more clear, and it was a moment where I felt very grateful for the opportunity to attend the University of Miami for so long.

Jared Silberlust, B.S.B.E. ’17, M.P.H. ’21, M.D. ’21

Physician, NYU Langone Health

My brightest moment at the U was on March 30, 2017—the day I was accepted into the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s M.D./M.P.H. program. I was preparing for my last set of final exams at the College of Engineering when I got the call. I put down my books and invited everyone I knew to celebrate with me at the Rat.


Miranda Hernandez, M.S.Ed. ’19

Litigation Associate, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

My brightest moment at the U was being admitted to the University and becoming an official part of the ’Canes community. As a Miami native, I have been a University of Miami fan my entire life.  Going from admiring the school and its athletic programs, to actually being a student and now alum has been a surreal experience. The University of Miami community really does show up for their people.  

Morgan Kokaram, B.B.A. ’17

Corporate Counsel, Verativ Corporation

My brightest moment at the U was meeting my now-husband, Kyle Kokaram. Kyle and I met at the TGIF across the street from the campus. I was with my line sisters (Iota Nu Fall ’15) and Kyle was with his classmate from the law school. If it wasn't for our time at the U, we would not be together today. Our love for the U was a starting point for the love we share with each other now!

Nicholas Karpathy, B.S.C.E. ’19, M.S.C.E. ’19

Site Civil Group Manager, EXP

My brightest moments at the U both stem from representing my alma mater while traveling. The first that comes to mind is leading the U’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers to compete in the annual Student Symposium at the University of Florida. 

The second is a series of events: playing tenor sax in the Frost Pep Band of the Hour at men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. I had the honor to represent the U at many games including the ACC tournaments across the country. There is nothing quite like repping the U by playing the Miami U How Dee Doo in a packed stadium to cheer on our ’Canes!


Osama Siddiqui, B.S. ’17

Internal Medicine Resident, University of Chicago (Northshore)

My brightest moments at the U were the times I spent volunteering at free clinics in the greater Miami area. Helping care for underserved patients reminded me of my father’s work as a physician in our underprivileged hometown in rural Pakistan. Seeing the impact he had on people’s lives is what initially inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. And having the opportunity to do something similar during my time at the U reinforced my passion to serve as a physician.

Priyen Patel, B.S. ’17, M.S. ’21, M.D. ’21

Cardiovascular Disease Fellow, Hofstra University- Zucker Northwell

My brightest moment at the U was living in the freshman dorms, being surrounded by a community of similarly aged individuals with global energy and perspectives, all under one roof. I think I felt the most connected and built the largest net as a freshman because of all the opportunities and natural relationships that I formed. I had neighbors from Paris, from Dubai, from Britain, and all over the United States.

Raghuram Reddy, B.S. ’20

Medical Student, Florida International Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

My brightest moment at the U was participating in Battleship and Tug of War with my floor PT9 as part of SportsFest. Through SportsFest and other memorable times while at the U, I have been able to cultivate lifelong friendships.


Riva Trivedi, B.S.B.A. ’17

Vice President, Parthenon Capital Partners

My brightest moment at the U was my time on the Hyperion Council, where we provided pro-bono consulting services to micro and small businesses primarily in underserved areas in our local Miami community as well as abroad. In 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic where we spent time working with six micro-entrepreneurs on their businesses. It was a deeply humbling experience to realize that you can't always apply textbook solutions to real-world problems. 

Ryan Donahue, B.S.B.E. ’17

Director of Preclinical Translation, Cartilage Inc. | Translational Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Irvine

My brightest moment at the U occurred as my freshman year drew to a close, marking the start of a journey filled with dynamic involvement and leadership opportunities across campus. From obtaining a resident assistant role in Hecht Residential College to earning an appointed position on the Student Government’s Executive Board, I was excited by the possibilities unfolding for me at the U.

Sam Peurifoy, B.S. ’16

Partner, Hivemind Capital

My brightest moment at the U was just walking around the lake on any ordinary day. There’s a spirit to the U that’s really difficult to ascribe to any singular event or activity. You miss it when you move to the “big city” and everything is metal and noise, not a tree in sight for miles, no water or unobstructed lake sunset to be seen. There’s something really human about being at the U. That extremely ephemeral abstract experience is what I’d describe as my “brightest moment.”


Sarah Miranda, B.B.A. ’20

Business Development and Capture Manager, ACT1 Federal, LLC

My brightest moment at the U was being on and eventually captaining Sunsations Dance Team. I'll never forget my sophomore year in 2017 when ESPN's College GameDay came to campus for the home game against Notre Dame. The energy was palpable! Fast forward to game time in the stadium—every seat was packed! I'll admit, I even shed a tear on the field during the national anthem. I can still hear the stadium chanting in unison: “MIAMI.. HURRICANES.. YELL, LET'S. GO. U.” 

Sierra Domb, B.S.C. ’21

CEO & Founder, Visual Snow Initiative

My brightest moment at the U came after one of the darkest moments of my life. I had to stop taking courses midway through my academic journey due to the onset of a debilitating neurological condition called Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS). Once my condition stabilized to the point where I could function, I returned to the U with resounding determination to finish what I started. One of my brightest moments was when I had the honor of representing UM alumni at TEDxUMiami, where I gave a TEDx Talk called “What Is Visual Snow Syndrome? Transforming Anguish Into Action,” which detailed my journey of starting a nonprofit and funding medical research to help millions of people affected by VSS around the world. 

Sumedh Shah, B.S. ’15, M.D. ’20

Resident Physician, Department of Neurological Surgery, Jackson Memorial Hospital / University of Miami

My brightest moment at the U was matching into our neurological surgery program. It meant that I would get to spend another seven years studying at the institution I fell in love with, doing the thing I was most passionate about. It also meant that I would be privileged to call myself a triple ’Cane.


Susan Taghioff, B.S.Ed. ’17, M.D. ’22

Plastic Surgery Resident, University of Miami

My brightest moment at the U was matching into my first-choice plastic surgery residency program here at the University of Miami!

Valeriya Gorelova, B.B.A. ’16

Product Designer, Atos

My brightest moment at the U was the commencement ceremony. Walking across the stage to receive my diploma, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement, knowing that I had conquered numerous challenges to reach this milestone. It was a moment of great joy and gratitude, not only for the education I received but also for the support of my professors, mentors, and family who had stood by me throughout my journey.

Vinessa Burnett, B.S.C. ’16

Performance Enablement Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

My brightest moment at the U was serving as a President's 100 tour guide throughout all four years as a student. Being a tour guide helped me gain public speaking and interpersonal skills that I use every day in my career, helped spark a love for storytelling and communication (which I later changed my major to!), and helped me make an impact on prospective students and their families. 

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