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Volunteers like you are vital to the success of the University of Miami. From organizing national outreach activities to serving as online career advisors to students, your contributions are part of what makes the University successful.

The Ever Brighter Campaign will have an immeasurable impact across our campuses, nationally, and globally. The Campaign will help us foster institutional pride and an enduring culture of philanthropy, rallying support and uniting alumni, donors, and friends around a shared vision for the U. The Campaign will harness the invincible spirit of our University and leverage it for the greater good. 

Your leadership is more important than ever. With you by our side, we are an unstoppable force for good.
Know the campaign goals and priorities of the University and the schools, colleges, and areas you represent. Read and become familiar with the University and thematic, school, and unit case statements. Attend events and develop your personal message about the University. Use your social media channels to promote the U.
University of Miami President Julio Frenk (second from right) visited UHealth Tower earlier this week to learn more about how the University of Miami Health System is implementing measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Prioritize the University of Miami in your personal philanthropy by making a gift to our campaign. Consider a multi-year pledge or planned gift or open a ’CaneFunder and help raise dollars from your network.

Big U on the Green


Represent the University at public function or donor meetings, work with the Development team to engage prospective donors and express gratitude by making thank-you calls, writing follow-up notes or other activities that can deepen relationships. Support students and recent graduates.



This library of tools and resources is designed to provide you with additional information and helpful links to support you in your volunteer role.

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