Tisha Rowe

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Tisha Rowe, B.S. '04

Growing up in Miami, Tisha Rowe, B.S. ’04, would often try to ‘fix’ her siblings using a book of home remedies. Years later, the home remedies are (mostly) gone, but Rowe continues to positively impact the lives of those around her—as a doctor, as a mother, and as a businesswoman.

Rowe graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology before earning both an M.D. and an M.B.A. With her passion for entrepreneurship and medicine as a driving force, Rowe connects with people to help them live fuller, healthier lives, both physically and mentally.

RoweDocs, a telemedicine company she founded in 2014, connects individuals around the world with doctors for diagnosis and treatment through their laptops or smart phones. The service allows people to see their doctor at any time, while saving them money and time compared to traditional in-person visits. The idea for the company came to Rowe while she was working long hours and raising a toddler, looking for a way to balance motherhood and medicine.

In addition to RoweDocs and to her work as a full-time physician in Houston, Texas, Rowe leads a number of physician organizations that aim to encourage other doctors to become entrepreneurs and to find ways to leverage technology to improve healthcare. One such organization, Boss Doctors, organizes yearly conferences and provides “a place for healthcare entrepreneurs, innovators and investors to network and grow.”

Rowe also writes about many aspects of health—from her own weight loss journey to managing blood pressure–hoping to lead by example and raise awareness about preventative medicine. She’s also written a children’s book, B is for Bossy, to “inspire girls to pursue whatever career path they choose.”

As to how she manages it all, she says it’s about determination and drive. “Let fear fuel you,” she says. “As a minority woman leading a healthcare company, it can be intimidating but I pushed past my fears to make my mark and earn a seat at the table."

And despite her success, Rowe hasn’t forgotten her time at the U. “I feel honored and grateful to have attended the University of Miami,” she says. “When I got accepted for the Golden Drum Scholarship, I did not realize then the experiences I had would shape my life and career in the best way possible. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.”