Cybersecurity: Incident Response and Decision Making

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Incident Response and Decision Making

Sharpen your risk management skills.  Learn How to Prepare for Cyber Incidents.

Cybersecurity issues affect every organization and every person, directly or indirectly. This course aims to provide foundational knowledge of cybersecurity and related areas, helping prepare students to be leaders who can navigate the challenges presented by cyber incidents. The course will present perspectives on incident response and teach decision-making skills to help make informed choices during and in the aftermath of a cyber event.

  • Program start date: Registration is now open!
  • Program length: 3 weeks; 4.5 contact hours (1.5 hrs. each week). Taped session with instructor.
  • Program format: Online; learn at your own pace. Includes video lectures, notes, discussion, and industry resources available.
  • Program level: Intermediate.
  • Program certificate: Participants completing the training will receive a UM Certificate of Completion.
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**Note: Participants have up to 3 months to complete the program. Upon completion, participants can purchase a Digital Badge to help revamp their resume and online profiles.

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