Ana Maria Hoyos

Ana Maria Hoyos, A.B. ’09
UM Business Alumna named head of Latin America sales for Meltwater Software.

University of Miami alumna Ana Maria Hoyos, AB ’09, was recently announced to be Meltwater’s Area Sales Director for Latin America. The media intelligence software company, headquartered in San Francisco with offices all over the globe, procured Hoyos shortly after her graduation from UM in 2008. Coming up on almost nine years with the company, Hoyos will now lead sales operations in Latin America, a role that takes her close to her roots in Bogota, Colombia.

When she started at UM, Hoyos had her eyes set on a career in government or politics. “I always had a passion for business, but I felt like I could have a bigger impact on society by working for an NGO,” she said. “My dream was to work for the UN.” She discovered, though, that her hunger for business and management could challenge her and make the direct impact on lives that she had hoped for. “I realized I could have a direct impact on people’s lives by helping them develop and achieve their goals within the company. I found my own way to help the world.”

As a full-time student working part-time, Hoyos learned the importance of organization and staying focused during her time at UM. She credits several UM faculty members: College of Arts & Sciences International Studies professor, Dr. Bruce Bagley and School of Business Administration’s Dr. Maria Lorca-Susino. She also recognizes the crucial support received from advisor Steve Ralph as well as the opportunity to study with students from all over the world as having enhanced her university experience. “This gave me a lot of perspective into different people and cultures, which has been a vital part of my business career,” she said. 

Hoyos was one of the 2,600 international students that come to UM every year to pursue degrees and expand their academic experience. Hoyos struggled with the decision of staying in the US after graduation or returning to Bogota, a dilemma many international alumni face after graduation. “I wanted to stay in the US since I had started a life here, but I also wanted to find a way to connect back to my roots and use my language skills to my benefit,” she said. “Ultimately, I got very lucky by finding a global company to work for.” She hopes her story can help students and young alumni who are still debating their path.