Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez, B.S.Ed ‘15

Former Miami Basketball Player Angel Rodriguez Begins Puerto Rico Relief Fund

Former Miami Hurricanes point guard Angel Rodriguez has started a relief fund to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in his native Puerto Rico. 

Rodriguez, who graduated from Miami in 2015 and is in his second professional season with Maccabi Haifa in Israel, posted a video to his Instagram account Saturday asking for assistance. 

“As you all know Puerto Rico is going through a very tough time. Hurricane Maria destroyed the whole island. Puerto Rico is where I grew up. I was born and raised there so it’s very personal for me. My whole entire family is there. I’ve barely been in touch with them. Nobody on the island has any kind of service. Nobody has electricity. There’s a lot of people with needs. I know that the toughest part, we think is when the hurricane is passing by, but now it’s really when it’s starting to pick up when you see the food is running out, when you see that the days pass by and there’s no electricity, when you see sick people that depend on electricity for their health not have that. It’s just devastating for me every time I look at images and videos. The place looks nothing like what it looked like when I grew up,” Rodriguez said in the video. 

Story by the Palm Beach Post |  Story BY Alex Makrides