Danny Carvajal

Danny Carvajal Danny Carvajal
Danny Carvajal, B.B.A. '08

Alumnus reflects on ten years since graduating from the U.

How would you describe your time here at UM?

Enlightening, Enriching, and Empowering.

Enlightening: Sharing classes and activities with such a diverse group of students from all different backgrounds helped to broaden my perspectives and outlook on life.

Enriching: UM offered me some of the most stimulating intellectual experiences and rewarding student activities.

Empowering: Through its faculty, administration and students, UM helped me to realize my potential. UM opened up a world of opportunity for me and helped to build the confidence to pursue my passions.

Were there any resounding moments back then that you think back on now as having made an impact?

The hurricanes of 2005 served as the catalyst for the formation of the Canes Emergency Response Team (CERT). I helped start CERT at UM with a few friends and before we knew it, UM CERT was serving as the model for student emergency response teams at other Universities across the country. I’m so proud of the incredible community service that organization has continued to do today during times of crisis.

What do you think alumni will find most interesting about your story?

My dad, who is a triple-alumnus of UM, would take me to Hurricane games as a little kid. I remember cheering on the Canes at the Orange Bowl and Mark Light Stadium. The Miami Maniac and UM Cheerleaders were at my 3rd birthday party.

How did UM help to shape your life? How did it prepare you for where you are today?

So much of what I learned at UM happened outside of the classroom. I had the distinct honor of serving as the Student Government President during my senior year in college. I learned a lot that year. Running a student government campaign taught me firsthand how to market and pitch ideas. Once in office, we developed a roadmap for the year of all the initiatives we wanted to achieve. I learned how to work with all different types of people to get our initiatives implemented. I also learned how to deal with negative feedback from students and from the student newspaper. All these experiences helped me develop a thick skin to allow me to tackle many of the challenges I’ve faced in my career since college.

What was Homecoming week like when you attended the University of Miami? What did you enjoy about it most when you were a student and what are you looking forward to this year?

The fireworks show and boat burning were always the highlight for me. This year, I’m most looking forward to celebrating our 10-year reunion and seeing all of my old friends back on campus. Go Canes!