Garrett Grossberg

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Garrett Grossberg, B.B.A. ’11

Alumnus Credits Professional Success to Staying in Miami Post Graduation

University of Miami alumnus Garrett Grossberg, B.B.A. ’11, spends his work days as the Director of Operations at Unity Jets, a private aviation company. There he works to ensure day to day logistics run smoothly and arranges jet travel for CEOs, athletes and entertainers all over the world.

How did a 28-year old from the west coast land a top position in an industry that caters to the elite? According to Grossberg, “Hard work truly does pay off.” He also credits the good fortune to being surrounded by a great mix of mentors, family, friends and coworkers. “I take their advice to heart and learn as much as I can – experience really does speak volumes.”

As a freshman, Grossberg, newly planted in Miami from his native Los Angeles, hadn’t originally planned to be where he is now. “Ten years ago I thought I was going to be a sports agent that travelled all over and worked with the most famous athletes in the world. I took a slight detour, but the passion is there every day I go to work and I couldn't be happier.”

Looking back, Grossberg believes his success is based on the fact that he stayed in Miami after graduation. “The majority of my friends and classmates left to NYC, Boston and D.C. after college. It was tough at first. Miami was an entirely different place post college. There was an entire community of people that I didn’t know. I had to force myself to meet new people and make new friends. The past seven years have flown by and I couldn’t feel more at home.”

Nearly a decade later, Grossberg says forcing himself out of his comfort zone and rebuilding his nuclear community from the ground up was the best decision he has ever made.

These days, when he is not safely and successfully getting clients from point A to point B by way of the skies, Grossberg indulges in sushi, rap music, and cooking at home. He is an active member of UM Hillel and an advocate for the Make-A-Wish foundation.