Miriam Soler Ramos

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Miriam Soler Ramos, B.S. ’99, J.D. ’02

Leadership and service guide the City Attorney for Coral Gables

Miriam Soler Ramos, B.S. ’99, J.D. ’02, has dedicated her entire 16-year legal career to public service, beginning at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office after graduating from the University of Miami School of Law. “I gained invaluable trial experience, honed my legal skills, and grew as a female lawyer,” Ramos shared.

Moving on several years later to join the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, Ramos served as Deputy General Counsel. “During my time at the Ethics Commission, I worked to fight government corruption and to educate government employees and officials to improve the public’s perception of their work by prioritizing transparency and compliance with the Miami-Dade Ethics Code,” Ramos said. While there and working closely with all municipalities in Miami-Dade County, the experience brought insight into the fascinating area of local government law, which Ramos pursued and has practiced since 2015, when she joined the City of Coral Gables City Attorney’s Office as Deputy City Attorney. Then, in the summer of 2017, after earning a board certification in City, County and Local Government Law, Ramos was honored to be appointed City Attorney in November 2017. “Having attended Coral Gables Elementary and spending my college and law school years in the City of Coral Gables, it is an incredible honor to serve this City in this role,” Ramos said.

Ramos’ dedication has led the way for female attorneys, as a leader in practicing law and applying those skills to community service. Hear more as she shares insight into successes and challenges along the way. 

How does your current position as the City Attorney for the City of Coral Gables allow you to make an impact on the community?

The City Attorney role allows me and my office to impact our community in a number of ways.  We effectuate the changes that the Commission wishes to implement by drafting legislation. I am particularly proud of our environmental legislation, specifically regulating polystyrene, Styrofoam, and plastic bags.

In addition, my office is a staunch defender of Home Rule and the concept that the government closest to the people represents the people best. We also assist in facilitating City programming and work on matters involving historic properties, code enforcement, and zoning, that go to the core of the fabric of our City Beautiful.

How has your education at the University of Miami helped you to grow in your career?

As a proud double ’Cane, I am eternally grateful to the U for providing me with a solid undergraduate and legal education. The skills I learned at UM Law shaped my way of thinking and my time at the Center for Ethics and Public Service helped me solidify my interest in public sector law. UM Law also provided me with excellent examples of women in academia and in positions of leadership, which was greatly encouraging. 

Can you share insight on challenges that you’ve faced along the way and how you overcame them to achieve such success?

I am confident that the challenges I have faced in my legal career mirror those faced by most female lawyers. As a young female prosecutor, I was challenged early on to stand up to more experienced male attorneys with a preconceived notion that I could be easily out-lawyered.  That experience helped me further develop the art of being assertive while not be labeled aggressive – a challenge often faced by female attorneys.  Additionally, I have been challenged with the balance of family and career – one also familiar to many of my colleagues. Dedicating quality time to my son and daughter, who are 13 and 10, while working diligently to develop my career, is a daily challenge but one that I feel lucky to have. I wholly believe that my children seeing their mom as a leader, professional woman, and a dedicated mother, wife, daughter and friend, is a benefit and lesson to them.

How important is it for women to aspire to be leaders; in their field and in their community?

Female leadership is immensely important for the betterment of our profession and our community. The female perspective varies from our male counterparts, and adding our perspective to high-level decision-making improves the complexity and success of the initiative being considered. It is also incredibly important for young girls to see female role models in positions of authority and empowered to effectuate change in their careers and communities.