Severin Romanov

Severin Romanov severin romanov
Severin Romanov, B.B.A. ’10

Alumnus finds a niche business market in China’s fitness craze.

In 2011, Severin Romanov, B.B.A. ’10, saw a unique business opportunity budding in China. His father, world-renowned Russian sports scientist Dr. Nicholas Romanov, developed the Pose Method: a running technique to minimize injury. The Pose Method is the result of a scientific study that demonstrated how to reduce, by virtually 50%, the impact on the knees in running. Dr. Romanov founded the Romanov Academy of Sports Science in the 1990s to educate and certify coaches teach sports technique. There are now thousands of Pose Method certified Technique Specialists worldwide, and – thanks to UM alumnus Severin – now in China.  

Zeroing in on the increased popularity of running in China, Severin identified a niche market opportunity to educate and train coaches in the Pose Method way. Severin observed exponential growth in China marathons, for example, from 3,000 participants to 35,000 in just a few short years. “Running is king now,” Severin says.  

Where Dr. Romanov has laid the foundation, and conducted the research to make Pose Method credible as a company, it’s Severin’s role to manage the business aspect, including operations and marketing. He’s uniquely qualified for the role, not just because he grew up the son of a two-time Olympic coach, but also because he studied finance and business management at the University of Miami, and he often over achieved.  

As a sophomore at UM, Severin started a tech company in Silicon Valley; he took 500-level classes at UM before he was really qualified, found himself at a loss in nearly every one, but loved every minute of it because they were such a challenge.  

Put simply, he didn’t feel like he was really progressing unless he was at the height of a challenge.  

A high school superlative crowned Severin Most Likely to Run a Company, so it wasn’t a stretch for the Coral Gables-based family to encourage him to attend UM’s Miami Business School. Severin’s older sister is also an alumna.  

It’s easy to wave off a company that makes profit off of teaching people how to run, but the assumption that it’s unnecessary is the very reason why it is necessary: “Running has the highest rate of injury because everyone thinks they know how to do it,” he says.  

Learn more about Pose Method by watching the video below: