'Canes Couples' Stories

love at the u love at the u
Many 'Canes have found lasting love at the U, here are some of their love stories.


Priya and Brian Weise

Priya and Brian Weise

Priya, B.A. '08, and her husband Brian Weise, B.B.A. '08, met when they were 21, during junior year. They had both exchanged glances while waiting for the shuttles at the then new University Village apartments, where they both lived. Priya’s roommate, who had been friends with Brian since freshman year, introduced the two during an outing at Moe's in Coconut Grove. Priya says it was love at first sight. They had their first date in April 2007 on South Beach, knowing that come summer they’d be kept apart for her study abroad in England and his internship at Goldman Sachs. They kept in touch by writing postcards. Reconnecting when they returned, they dated for eight years before getting married in 2015. Priya and Brian currently reside with their rescue dog, Amelia, in Houston, TX., where Brian works in the oil and gas industry and Priya work in healthcare.

The Carter Family

Scott and Cristie Carter

Scott, J.D. '99, and Cristie Carter, B.S.C. '95, met at Homecoming in 1993 when happenstance had Cristie fill in as Tinker Bell at the last minute for her sorority's parade float. She and Scott chatted the rest of the evening and went to the Homecoming Ball after their first date. They were engaged in 1996 and married a year later - this year they're celebrating their 21st anniversary.

The Green's

Todd and Justine Green

Todd, J.D. '16, and Justine Green, B.S.Ed. '13, met in August 2010 when she was a sophomore and he was a junior. They quickly fell in love and were married in 2016; they even have a love brick in front of the Herbert Wellness Center! They're currently expecting their first child. 

The letscher's

Amanda and Robert Letscher

Robert, Ph.D. '12, and Amanda, B.F.A. '08, Letscher met at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Looking back on their story, Amanda credits the ocean for bringing them together. Needing one more science credit during her senior year, Amanda signed up for Oceanography 101, thinking it would be fantastic because of her love for scuba diving and swimming in Biscayne Bay. On a warm late January night Amanda was sitting in the infamous Barracudas at the RSMAS campus, when a friend from class walked up to her table with his oceanographer roommate, named Robert. They say there was an immediate attraction. They went on their first date at the beginning of spring break and spent every day of the break together, making it the longest first date ever, according to friends. Ten years later, they now live in New Hampshire and just launched an ocean education and awareness social media campaign to educate everyone with a weekly ocean fact called Save Our 70

The wundermans

Oren and Terilee Wunderman

Oren, Ph.D. ’86, and Terilee Wunderman, Ph.D. ’88, met during the fall of 1979 in the waiting room of UM's Institute for Family Living (now Institute for Individual & Family Counseling).  Oren was a Doctoral practicum student, and Terilee was a Master’s practicum student in the School of Education's Counseling Psychology program. She noticed Oren looking for chairs in the empty waiting room, and was touched by his concern for the clients who would have no place to sit.  Terilee helped Oren find a few chairs, and they introduced themselves. From that first meeting in the clinic, they became best friends with shared visions of helping others heal, learn, and grow through our work in the field of mental health.  They married in Coral Gables in 1982 and completed their Ph.D. degrees in 1985 and 1987.

Since 1983, Oren and Terilee have lived in West Kendall with a number of rescue dogs through the years. They have two wonderful adult children, Jeffrey and Amy, and a precious two-year-old granddaughter, Valerie Rose.

the herberts

Alan and Patti Herbert

The Herberts have spent their 50-plus years together celebrating the love that first blossomed at the University of Miami and has grown exponentially with each passing year. 

The couple met in 1954, while Patti was sitting at a typewriter in the Miami Hurricane office. Patti’s reply when Alan asked her out on a date was, “well, if we go on our first date, it has to be memorable.” 


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