'Canes show up for UM's first Giving Day

Giving Day Giving Day
University's first Giving Day showcases 'Cane pride

The University of Miami began a new philanthropic tradition this April, launching a digital Giving Day. The “One Day, One U” 24-hour online and social media effort brought together alumni, students, staff, friends, and community members to collectively give back to the U. In total, the day raised nearly $1.6 million from more than 2,400 participants.

April 8th proved to be the perfect time to launch our first Giving Day as that was the date the University of Miami was officially incorporated in 1925.  As part of the day’s festivities, the university community gathered at the Lakeside Patio for a special birthday celebration.

Everyone showed off their ‘Cane pride and philanthropic spirit throughout the day. In addition to making gifts, they promoted the hashtag #OneDayOneU on their own social channels and encouraged their fellow alumni, family and friends to get involved.

The UM Giving Day website provided exciting real-time updates. The home page leaderboard tracked overall dollars and donors generated during Giving Day, and included detailed gifts to individual schools, colleges, departments, programs, and funds. 

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